Magic at Vi Design

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~ Magic at Vi Design ~

 This morning, as I stepped into our studio, a quick realization popped into my head: Every existing space has a story; a vision behind it. And when we walk into a room and unknowingly interact with everything—without realizing it was consciously designed by someone else—, that’s magic.

We don’t question, we don’t doubt. We flow. We move freely through the space because we feel safe and at home and we can’t tell why. And quite often, especially when spaces are beautifully designed, it’s easy to forget this.

With Vi Design I’ve had the opportunity to witness demolitions, reconstructions, wall strippings, floor lifting, stair banisters being torn and then re-built from scratch.

I’ve also had the opportunity of witnessing client’s walking into their brand new home for the first time, and how priceless their emotions and smiles are.

But one of the most magical moments I witnessed, was when out of excitement, after stepping into her newborn’s nursery, the client screamed at the top of her lungs. And I had never seen this before. I never knew an interior, a well-designed interior could cause such an effect on someone else.

And although what I know about interior design is very little, what I do know is how much talent, effort, and dedication it takes to transform a space.

And yet out of all the beautiful spaces our team has created, I believe that the best part is the story that’s written. From the moment the old wallpaper’s stripped, to when the last picture frame is put into place, the walls, and the floors, the ceilings, and the backsplash, they all tell a story. Even the chandelier hovering beautifully over the kitchen table has a story to tell.

And that is magnificent. Because at Vi Design our team doesn’t just decorate.

We take a vision, write a story, and construct a long-lasting dream out of it.

And that’s pure magic.

-Dreamer on Fleek

Jeremy Richardson