Great design is forever

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Welcome to our Keeping up with Vi Design Blog! It’s very exciting to finally get to launch this awesome outlet where we’ll get to share and show all the behind-the-scene things that happen at Vi Design!

On today’s topic, a little throwback to a sentence I heard Violetta say when I first joined her team: Great Design is Forever. I remember I was like, “Yup!” While I incessantly nodded and jotted as if I understood what she meant by that. I mean, it’s quite a literal sentence, not a cryptic one—, or so I thought. And yet the crazy thing was that the more I heard Violetta say this, the more significant those words became. 

It’s easy to forget that pretty much everything we see and a lot of the matter surrounding us, is the pure outcome of engineering and design. Which means that design is inescapable. From the subway ride you take to the warm coffee cup in between your hands—or iced coffee, or tea! Hey I’m not judging! Even to the door you’re pulling accidentally instead of pushing just to exit that building… in one way or another—although it may not always be the best design—, we depend on it, and to an extent it facilitates our life. 

So after dissecting this sentence, Great Design is Forever, I’ve come to realize that in an ever-changing-world, where we’re always longing for more, never conforming, always seeking for the best—at least now more than ever in this 21st Century—, design must constantly change & transcend with us. However, on the other hand, the greatest design of all, is one which is timeless. One which no matter how much trends change, or how often our needs and cravings dissolve and evolve, the greatest design will prosper. It will accompany us much like our favorite song, which we will never grow tired of. And if you’ve grown tired of it, well then, it’s probably because you haven’t found the greatest one yet! 

So, to finish up with this moment of enlightenment, and to make sure I haven’t scared you off, I’d like to mention that this blog’s intention isn’t to tell you what to do nor how to do it, but in fact to stir away from all the must do’s and must ‘n’s. It’s a daily sneak peek into what we find to be the nitty, gritty, fascinating (sometimes painful), adventures and obstacles endured by our Vi Design & sister company Aqua Design Group team! As well as to jump on board with us, and discover & understand on your own terms, how indeed, Great Design is Forever.

-Dreamer on Fleek

Jeremy Richardson