Authenticity in 21st century design

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~ Authenticity in 21st Century Design ~

“Anything you can think of has already been thought of by somebody else.”

I once read this and realized as the years went by that, yes, quite often we come up with ideas that have already been used by someone else.

And in the 21st century, it kind of feels like it’s almost impossible to create new things. But I am a firm believer that authenticity still exists in design. It’s all about how we look at it.

What I have learned with time, is that as creative beings we are constantly creating and re-creating what we have seen—subconsciously—, lived through, and most importantly: have been inspired by.

Just how animals, humans, and plants didn’t evolve from scratch but instead, from little cells, a design must be built upon a foundation.

Like a Violet flower for example. Comparing the growth of its seed on day 1 after being planted with the second day may not show much of a difference. But if we compare the seed to the flower that has sprung from it, the change is magnificent! And although all Violet flowers spring from the same type of seed, that does not mean they’re not unique.

Some will be taller, others shorter. Some will take longer to spring, other will be quicker. And the ultimate outcome is that each little Violet is unique on its own.

Similarly, design also has to start with a foundation. Whether the style that is trending is modern, transitional or contemporary. Whether the same fabrics, textures, and colors are what everyone is using at the time—much like a seed—, the authenticity lies behind how those finishes, materials, and textures are utilized to create the final outcome and space the client dreams of!

So that no matter how many designers out there are using the same type of seed to transform different types of spaces, the outcome will be unique and authentic, even in the 21stcentury.

That was my thought of the day, dreamers! Stay tuned and stay warm!

Yours truly,

Dreamer on Fleek

Jeremy Richardson